Have you ever noticed how our motives can be deceitful? While thinking we are living a true Christian life, we can at the same time miss the point – we can be completely self deceived as to our true motives.

I have been thinking about how honestly I confess my sins and my motives for my confession.

Water of life!

If I confess my sin so that I am free from my guilt and my sin but do not at the same time confess and struggle against the injustice I see against the poor, oppressed and marginalised people of the world, I don’t believe I am being a true disciple of Christ (for my concern is on my need and remains a base and selfish act).

To be a true disciple I should not only confess my sin, but also confess the injustice I see in the world and thus fight against the powers of darkness and hell to help eliminate the societal sins and their root causes that keep people living in poverty.

When I fail to do this I fail to love my neighbour as myself.